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Monday, August 1, 2011

Call for Participation: ACRL/IS Mentoring Program. Apply by August 8

Do you want to lead? Do you want to share your professional library experience, and build a relationship with a new colleague? Feel the need for some professional mentoring? Then consider becoming a mentor or mentee for the ACRL/IS Mentoring Program for 2011-2012!

The purpose of the ACRL Instruction Section Mentoring Program is to contribute to the professional development of academic librarians who teach information literacy by pairing librarians experienced in teaching with librarians new to instruction or to the Instruction Section. Currently, we are especially seeking mentors to pair with the numerous librarians who have applied to our program as mentees. In order to create mentor/mentee pairs before the beginning of the Fall Semester, we ask that you fill out our online application by August 8

Both mentor and mentee applications are accepted year-round, and pairings are made in the summer and midwinter. Mentor applicants, please use this form, and mentees, please use this form.

The program creates a forum for learning opportunities, networking, and the exchange of ideas between paired mentors and mentees. Conference attendance is not required. In fact, much of the mentoring takes place outside of scheduled conferences. You can advance your expertise and help the profession into the future by joining the ACRL/IS Mentoring Program. Please apply!

If you have questions about the ACRL Instruction Section Mentoring Program, please contact the Committee Chair Joe Goetz at goetzje@gmail.com, or visit the IS Mentoring Program site for more information.

Complete URLs:
Mentor application form: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?hl=en_US&pli=1&formkey=dGRJWUdCUGliTXJZLWFlRDNNSjFSNEE6MA#gid=0

Mentee application form:

IS Mentoring Program site:

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