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Monday, December 20, 2010

Call for Proposals: Research and Discussion Journal.

The primary focus of the R&D Journal is to enable full disciplinary pluralism by publishing articles in sociology, humanities, economics, law, public administration, management, political science, communication and other related fields. Therefore R&D Journal introduces new themes in the field of social sciences and welcomes theoretical as well as quantitative and qualitative empirical and applicative contributions from well established researchers as well as young prospective authors.
The R&D Journal strives for innovative approaches that are aimed at exploring complex issues in various fields of social sciences and humanities.

The R&D Journal also publishes thematic issues, dealing with specific themes from different points of viewing or disciplines. By doing this, the RSC Journal makes a valid contribution towards interdisciplinary understanding of social phenomena and presents different approaches towards solving them.

The R&D journal is published in printed and electronic form three times per year.
In order to ensure the academic standard of all published articles, the latter, before being officially accepted for publication, are anonymously reviewed by an independent reviewer from the respective field.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Weekly Roundup: 12/13-12/17

Call for Participation: Book and Film Reviewers for Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources

Call for Book and Film Reviewers

Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources (IPIR), a leading international publication on indigenous peoples is seeking book and film reviewers. Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources is a worldwide network of organizations, academics, activists, indigenous groups, and others representing indigenous and tribal peoples.
IPIR invites book review submissions from scholars, researchers, practitioners and professionals. A complete list of available books and films for review can be found here: http://indigenouspeoplesissues.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=466

To review one of the available titles, please send an email to the Editor at pnj@indigenouspeoplesissues.com

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Call for Participation: Reviewers for Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship

Call for reviewers--Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship
I am the book reviews editor for the Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship.  We routinely review books related to e-resources and libraries  -- using databases, guides to e-resources for librarians, and other books of interest to librarians. We are interested in gaining some new reviewers for our incoming books. As an incentive you get to keep the book you review. If you have an interest in participating please contact me.

Karl Bridges (karl.bridges@uvm.edu) 
Information and Instruction Services
Bailey/Howe Library
University of Vermont

This journal aims to inform librarians and other information professionals about current research, evolving work-related processes and procedures, and the latest news on topics related to electronic resources and the digital environment?s impact on collecting, acquiring and making accessible library materials.

Library professionals today require an integrated approach to understanding and managing electronic resources in libraries. They need a place to find scholarly, peer-reviewed literature, opinion pieces, latest news and e-resources related updates. Since topics related to electronic resources span many areas of the profession, there is a proliferation of articles and conferences with electronic resources topics ? often too many and too scattered for any one individual to read or attend. This journal will highlight pivotal, interesting and thought-provoking articles and conference presentations to keep professionals and staff of all levels on top of the latest ideas and changes in the field. The journal will also have relevant book reviews to enable reader to target their professional readings.

The Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship is intended for library administrators, librarians, and other information professionals who work with managing electronic resources in libraries. It is also intended to bridge the gap between theory and practice for LIS educators and students, and is a starting point for information professionals from various backgrounds concerned with issues surrounding the changes in collections, acquisitions and services in libraries in the digital age.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Call for Participation: NMRT Resume Reviewers

Ready to give back? Be a mentor without breaking a sweat!

We are seeking librarians with experience in human resources, the
hiring process or search committees to review resumes & cover letters
via email. This service is sponsored by NMRT to assist job seekers new
to the profession.

How does it work?
Job seekers (reviewees) send their resumes to the Résumé Review
Service (RRS) email account with some information about the type of
library that they are interested in and their area of specialization.
The co-chairs of the Résumé Review Service, monitor this email account
and match the reviewee with a reviewer from our list.

If you are matched with an applicant, the following will occur:

1. One of co-chairs will contact you and will ask if you are able to
complete a review within 2 weeks.

2. Please respond to the email as soon as you can, either accepting or
declining the review.

3. If you are unable to review, just reply and let us know. We will
contact another reviewer. We realize that everyone is busy and that
some times are better than others.

4. If you accept, then we will send you the resume and/or cover
letter, along with a bit of information about the reviewee.

5. Please take a look at the review tips here:
. Sometimes the reviewee will ask for specific advice on a part of
her/his resume. If so, please comment on that in addition to your
overall review.

6. When you are finished with the review, send the review to the
reviewee and copy the RRS email (nmrtrrs@yahoo.com). If you would like
to remain anonymous, you may send the review to RRS to be forwarded.
(if so, please note in your email that RRS needs to forward the review
to the reviewee)

7. At any point during the process, please contact us if you have
questions. We check the RRS e-mail every day.

8. Lastly, thanks again. Your time can make a huge difference to new
librarians searching for their first job. The RRS committee and NMRT
thank you too. Without you, we could not provide this important

For further information or to volunteer, please contact the NMRT
Resume Review Service Committee Chair by email at:

Thank You!

Sara Holder
Member, NMRT Resume Review Committee