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Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekly Roundup: 10/25-29

      Thursday, October 28, 2010

      Call for Proposals: Journal of Research on Libraries & Young Adults

      The Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults is an online
      open access peer reviewed journal (
      launching November 2010.  The purpose of Journal of Research on
      Libraries and Young Adults is to enhance the development of theory,
      research, and practices to support young adult library services.
      Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults promotes and
      publishes high quality original research concerning the informational
      and developmental needs of young adults; the management,
      implementation, and evaluation of library services for young adults;
      and other critical issues relevant to librarians who work with young
      adults. The journal also includes literary and cultural analysis of
      classic and contemporary writing for young adults.
      Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults invites manuscripts
      based on original qualitative or quantitative research, an innovative
      conceptual framework, or a substantial literature review that opens
      new areas of inquiry and investigation.  Case studies and works of
      literary analysis are also welcome. The journal recognizes the
      contributions other disciplines make to expanding and enriching
      theory, research and practice in young adult library services and
      encourages submissions from researchers and practitioners in all
      The Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults uses the Chicago
      Manual of style endnotes.  For complete author guidelines including
      examples citations, please visit the author guidelines website at,
       While submissions average 4,000 to 7,000 words, manuscripts of all
      lengths will be considered.  Full color images, photos, and other
      media are all accepted.
      Please contact editor Jessica Moyer at 
      yalsaresearch@gmail.com orjessicaemilymoyer@gmail.com to discuss submissions and/or author
      guidelines.  All completed manuscripts should be submitted as email
      attachments to Jessica Moyer at 
      yalsaresearch@gmail.com orjessicaemilymoyer@gmail.com as email attachments.  Please attach each
      figure or graphic as a separate file.
      The first issue of the Journal of Research on Libraries and Young
      Adults will be available online at 
      Monday November 1, 2010 and will feature the papers that will be
      presented at the 2010 YALSA Symposium on Young Adult Literature.
      Manuscripts are currently being accepted for the Winter 2011 and
      Spring 2011 issues.


      Wednesday, October 27, 2010

      Call for Proposals: Southern Cultures

      Southern Cultures, the award-winning and peer-reviewed quarterly from UNC’s Center for the Study of the American South, is seeking submissions about Southern Women, Southern Women’s History, Gender Roles in the South, and related topics. We pay our contributors and have a growing audience throughout the South, the U.S., and the world. We’ve published essays and interviews with Civil Rights pioneers and suffragists, famous authors and farmers, tobacco queens and country music stars, and much more.

      Our submission guidelines and more information are available at our website. Interested scholars also can now view our material from the last ten years at a new special section of our website devoted to Southern Women and Gender at:

      Call for Proposals: International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society. Due ASAP

      The International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society welcomes original articles on issues arising at the intersection of nations, states, civil societies, and global institutions and processes. 

      The editors are particularly interested in article manuscripts dealing with changing patterns in world economic and political institutions; analysis of ethnic groups, social classes, religions, personal networks, and special interests; changes in mass culture, propaganda, and technologies of communication and their social effects; and the impact of social transformations on the changing order of public and private life. The journal is interdisciplinary in orientation and international in scope, and is not tethered to particular theoretical or research traditions. The journal presents material of varying length, from research notes to article-length monographs.

      To submit please follow the directions found here: http://www.springer.com/social+sciences/journal/10767

      Call for Applicants: Subject Editors for Resources for College Libraries. Due ASAP.

      Resources for College Libraries seeks dynamic and discerning bibliographers to
      serve as subject editors for the following areas:
      * African American Studies
      * African History, Languages, and Literatures
      * Environmental Studies
      * European History
      * Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Languages and Literatures

      Resources for College Libraries (RCL) is a bibliography of selected works
      spanning the college curriculum and comprising a recommended core collection
      for all academic libraries. Available both in print and online at RCLweb
      (http://rclweb.net), RCL covers 61 curriculum-specific subjects and identifies
      approximately 70,000 titles most necessary for teaching undergraduates,
      including electronic resources essential for academic study. Subject editors
      are responsible for selecting and maintaining the most critical resources
      related to the undergraduate curriculum.

      RCL subject editors oversee the continuous revision of a subject area, with
      particular responsibilities including:
      *   Regularly adding new titles to the subject area
      *   Maintaining and developing the subject taxonomy
      *   Reviewing and removing unessential titles from the subject area
      *   Managing, if necessary, bibliographers to aid in selection
      *   Remaining aware of current trends in teaching, research, and academic
      resources related to the subject area

      RCL is revised regularly and has a variety of uses: it is consulted by colleges
      and faculty adapting to new curricula, by student researchers, by librarians
      for collection development purposes, and by accrediting agencies. As successor
      to Books for College Libraries, RCL is a collaborative project between the
      Association of College and Research Libraries’ Choice magazine editorial
      staff, knowledgeable subject editors recruited from teaching faculty and
      academic librarians, and R.R. Bowker.

      RCL subject editors must balance in-depth subject knowledge with the mission of
      establishing a core collection for the liberal arts and sciences college
      library. To join RCL’s editorial roster, interested applicants should submit
      a CV/résumé, along with a brief description of qualifications related to
      managing a core collection in the discipline. If you are interested in this
      professional service opportunity or would like more information, please contact
      me at adoherty@ala-choice.org.

      Monday, October 25, 2010

      Call for Participation: ABC-CLIO Ethnic & Racial Minorities in the US Military Encyclopedia. Due ASAP


      ABC-CLIO will be publishing a two-volume encyclopedia entitled, _Ethnic and Racial Minorities in the U.S. Military_. We are now looking for contributors to this reference work. If you are interested in participating, please contact the editor, Dr. Alex Bielakowski (abielak@yahoo.com), for a complete list of available entries.

      Wednesday, October 20, 2010

      Call for Proposals: Sightings, University of Chicago Divinity School. Due ASAP

      Sightings is looking for contributors
      Sightings is an online publication of the Martin Marty Center at the University of Chicago Divinity School.

      Sightings articles provide critical analysis of current issues and events at the intersections of religion and art, business, education, the media or politics. Articles run between 550 and 700 words, and their aim is to “spread light, not heat.”

      Sightings has about 7,300 e-mail subscribers, and columns are frequently reprinted (for example, on the History News Network, Religion Dispatches, Reuters, and other websites and blogs), and are often used in classrooms and pulpits.

      Previous columns give a good indication of the topical range and tone for acceptable essays. 

      Previous issues of Sightings are archived here: http://divinity.uchicago.edu/martycenter/publications/sightings/
      Sightings does not publish book or movie reviews, fictional pieces or poetry.
      Submissions should be e-mailed to the editor with a short bio.

      Tuesday, October 19, 2010

      Call for Participation: ABC-CLIO Climate Change Encyclopedia. Due ASAP

      ABC-CLIO is pleased to announce the preparation of a major new reference set, Climate Change: An Encyclopedia of Science and History, under the general editorship of Brian Black (of Penn State University’s Altoona College). This four-volume set will include essays approaching climate change from multiple perspectives, including scientific background, historical context, and public policy.

      Clicking on the URL (http://www.personal.psu.edu/faculty/g/x/gxw20/ABC_CLIO.htm) will take you to a list of topics for the HISTORY portion of the encyclopedia. The articles include brief biographies of scientists and scientific institutions, the development of climate theories, the collection of climate data, and important political and cultural events.

      Authors will be paid a modest honorarium. If you are interested in contributing one or more of these articles, then please contact Gary Weisel at gxw20@psu.edu. Feel free to suggest a topic that you believe we need to cover.

      Call for Proposals: RUSA Online Professional Development Courses/Webinars. Due ASAP

      The Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) invites interested instructors and presenters to submit proposals for online professional development courses and webinars to be offered starting in early 2011.
      RUSA currently offers several online courses in the areas of reference and readers advisory, and is looking to expand its available course topics, and also include webinars among its offerings. Topics of particular interest include skills for assisting patrons with job searches, collection development and introductory reference and user services skills. There is also significant interest in offering online learning opportunities that go more in-depth with business reference skills as a follow-up to the consistently sold out Business Reference 101 course currently offered by RUSA.
      Additional topics for online learning proposals might include but are not limited to company and industry research; international business; small businesses; entrepreneurship; consumer demographics; fundamentals of reference; providing reference in virtual libraries; providing reference in the one-person library; reference services in church and synagogue libraries; customer service fundamentals for reference staff; reference service fundamentals for embedded librarians; marketing the library and reference services; government documents fundamentals for reference librarians; legal reference for non-law librarians.
      More information about how to submit proposals is available at the RUSA blog:

      Friday, October 8, 2010

      Weekly Roundup: 10/4-10/8

      Monday, October 4, 2010

      Call for Participation: ALA Diversity Research Grants Advisory Committee

      The ALA Council Committee on Diversity is currently seeking ALA members to volunteer to serve on its Diversity Research Grants Advisory Committee.  This Subcommittee is charged with overseeing the ALA Office for Diversity’s Diversity Research Grants Program (http://www.ala.org/ala/aboutala/offices/diversity/divresearchgrants/diversityresearch.cfm) and the selection of the annual Achievement in Library Diversity Research Honoree.
      Terms are one year and will extend from now through the conclusion of the 2011 ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA.

      The full charge of the Diversity Research Grants Advisory Committee is: 
      To oversee, coordinate, and support the Diversity Research Grants program; to recommend potential award jurors to the ALA Office for Diversity for the Diversity Research Grants award process; to oversee the application, selection and notification process; to serve as a resource for awardees; and to make recommendations on and support fundraising and marketing initiatives related to the Diversity Research Grants program http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/committees/ala/ala-divdrg.cfm

      Interested volunteers should e-mail diversity@ala.org.